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The Universe

The Untold Sagas Universe is a fictional universe starring unique characters of diverse ethnic backgrounds, talents and skills that face immense physical and emotional challenges in a world similar to our own.

In the Untold Sagas Universe, science and rationality rule, and mysticism is not commonly accepted. It focuses on regular people in extraordinary situations that don’t include random mutations, aliens, vampires, werewolves, zombies, orcs, dwarves, wizards, or elves. Like our world, most dramatic change is driven by science and discovery: Genetic and biomechanical enhancements, growth hormones, physique and mind-altering chemicals, cybernetics, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, and more. There may be mysteries and what may seem to some as miracles, but ultimately, there are no inexplicable phenomenon… except for maybe one.

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- Formatted for Digital Screens
- 3D Rendered Images
- 4K or Higher Resolution
- Transitions and Motion Effects
- More Enhancements Coming Soon

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Creator/Founder - W. E. Pearcey

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